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So much more than a hearing aid shop, because you're so much more than a sale!

Dr. Angela Graves

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We know you could go any number of places for your hearing healthcare needs.  So, while we have you here, let me tell you what makes us different.  I am thonly independent doctor of audiology in the Evansville area.  As such, I strive to put people before procedure.  We work with a variety of hearing aid manufacturers and offer individualized services for your hearing needs.

We let you feel like a person, not a number.

- Dr. Angela Graves

                                                  Doctor of Clinical Audiology

Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?
Dr. Angela Graves and Office Manager Alex Nantz discuss insurance benefits.

What is the difference between
Insurance, Third Party Benefits, and Private Pay?

ReDux Drying System - Alex demonstrates the only ReDux in the Evansville, IN area. Listen to the difference and then come in to get your devices dried.

Breaking Down Communication Barriers
Dr. Angela Graves, Tedx Evansville 2019

Better Business Bureau Torch Award Winner
3 Time Platinum Award Reader's Choice Award Winner
3 Time Platinum Award Reader's Choice Award Winner

"WOW was I impressed...Dr. Angela took the time with my mother and explained her services that are available. She cleaned the wax out of one of my mom's ears...I want everyone with hearing issues to know about her!"

- Brenda P., Evansville, IN