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What does my warranty cover?

Posted by Angela Graves, AuD on June 19, 2019 at 5:00 PM

There are two warranties for most hearing aids: Repair and L&D (Loss and Damage).

The repair warranty covers any repairs that might need to be performed for the device. Repairs include things like broken speaker wires, moisture damage, cracks in the housing, broken battery doors, and corrosion.

L&D covers things like pet damage, going surfing while wearing a hearing aid, flushing an aid down the toilet, or accidentally putting it in the microwave.

In essence, the warranty covers the hearing aid. Services or accessories associated with the device are not covered by a warranty that comes from a manufacturer or repair company. They are truly only warranting the work they have done or the product they have built.

Some clinics may offer “free service while the device is under warranty”, or “for the life of the hearing aid”. Those clinics use a “bundled” service approach. That is, they have charged for an anticipated amount of service in the cost of the hearing aids at the initial fitting appointment. This can lead to some hefty price tags.

Other clinics have a pay-as-you-go philosophy for service and follow up care. Like any other professional service provider’s office, each visit is charged separately.

A third option might be a service package that includes a set number of visits or amount of time, plus a few extras like batteries or hearing tests. These packages may be purchased at any time, or even as a gift for someone else.

While regular maintenance is designed to ward off the need for repairs, bad things sometimes happen to good devices. The next time you suspect your device might need a repair, it's important to ask upfront what your charges will cover.

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