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How NOT to use the dryer

Posted by Angela Graves, AuD on July 15, 2019 at 3:25 PM

How many settings are on your dryer? Go look. I’ll wait. My dryer is not a fancy machine and it has 21 different drying options. 21! There is even a setting for jeans. My dryer ought to be able to handle drying most anything. There are eight choices on my blender. From food processing to chipping ice, my blender can get the job done! My phone can do things I don’t even know enough to ask it to do. Suffice it to say, tools and appliances today are not simply “one trick ponies”.

Enter the modern hearing aid.

Top end model hearing aids have six or seven automatic programs and room for an additional four to six manual programs. Why on earth would we need so many programs?! We live in a very noisy, active, connected world and that world has very specific demands. Some examples of listening environments an automatic program might not be able to handle well: the bowling alley, live music, a reception hall, working at a childcare center, or media streaming from a mobile device. Our mid-level products have five automatics and three or four manual program slots. Even our entry level devices have four manual programs available.

So, what’s the point to this blog?! The tools are good if we know how to use them. I’ll never get my jeans dry if I put them in the dryer on the delicate cycle, but I can’t blame the dryer for that. There are many good hearing aids out there with lots of potential that just isn’t being utilized. If people don’t know what they have, or how to use it, the device will never function as intended or do the job needed. Then the hearing aid gets a bad rep and thrown in the drawer.

Rescue that hearing aid. Learn what it can do. Have it programmed, if possible, and get it back in the ear where it so wants to be! Give us a call at 1-812-303-4300 and we’ll help you do that.

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