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Hearing Aid Styles

When choosing the hearing aid style that is right for you, you need to consider your lifestyle, color preferences, and your level of hearing loss.  Your Hearing Healthcare Center team can assist you in making that decision.

CIC (completely-in-canal)

* Suitable for mild hearing loss

* Small, custom made

* Placed deep in ear canal, easily concealed

* Fully automatic

ITC (in-the-canal)

* Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss

* Less noticeable than ITE hearing aids

* Faceplate can be seen, but is not obtrusive

* Small, custom made

* Fully automatic

ITE (in-the-ear)

* Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

* Fills the ear shell

* Larger battery gives longer battery life

* Good choice for people with dexterity/fine motor issues

BTE (behind-the-ear)

* Suitable for severe hearing loss or people with smaller ear canals

* Used with open fit or a custom ear mold

* Electronics are in housing seated behind the ear

* Tube over ear directs sound into ear

* Manual controls for volume & program changes

RIC (receiver-in-canal)

* Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

* Receiver is in the ear canal, not in the housing, reducing the size of the housing

* Discreet

* Powerful

* Fully automatic