Hearing Healthcare Center, Inc.

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Hearing Aids and Other Products

Hearing Aids

Hearing Healthcare offers a variety of hearing aids and eamolds.

We work with most of the major hearing aid manufacturers (Unitron, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Starkey, GN ReSound) which allows us to offer you the latest in digital technology.

Blue-tooth Compatible Accessories

Use a UMic to hear others several feet away into your hearing aids.

Because we work with multiple manufacturers we are able to offer Blue-tooth accessories for almost any hearing aid. These devices allow you more freedom and ease of use with cellular phones, iPods, and computers.

Hearing Aid Desiccants/Dryers

Protect your hearing aid investment.

Hearing aids are tiny, electronic devices. As you would never pour orange juice on your laptop, you are not going to want liquid of any kind getting into your hearing aids. Perspiration, rain, even the humidity in Southern Indiana are all examples of the way moisture can get into your hearing instrument.  So, let’s keep the hearing aids as dry as possible! We offer a couple different solutions for moisture removal. One option is a Hearing Aid Saver. It’s a passive desiccant container that is used for storage over night – every night. These kits are relatively inexpensive and can be re-activated in the microwave when they have reached their intake limit on moisture. Some people find that, due to lifestyle or other factors, the smaller desiccant not be aggressive enough to keep the moisture at bay. A Dry-N-Store may be just the thing. This AC-powered device has a desiccant brick, a fan, and a UV light for drying the hearing aids and keeping any fungal organisms from taking up residence.

Swim Molds

Earmolds are available for hearing protection, swimmers, musicians, and more

Our colorful, custom swim molds are appropriate for every age group. From the avid swimmer to the youngster prone to “swimmer’s ear”, these molds are the perfect solution for keeping water out.

Listening Molds

Earmold impressions for musician's in ear monitors.

In-ear monitors for musicians bring them closer to the balance of the music and move them away from the noise of the amplifiers. Custom products are just an ear mold impression away. This appointment only takes about 15 minutes. Custom molds also work well for iPods, cell phones, and stethoscopes.

Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing.

For people who work or play in noisy environments, it is imperative that they protect their hearing to prevent damage. Whether you need simple ear plugs or custom hearing protection, we can help you.