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What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

While there are several symptoms listed here, an individual with hearing loss may not experience all of these symptoms.  Please use this as a guide or a tool to start a conversation about hearing loss with your family, an audiologist,  or your primary care physician.

  • You can't tell what direction a sound is coming from. 
  • Voices or noises sound "muffled".
  • Some sounds appear too loud.
  • You have difficulty hearing words/conversations while in a crowd or against background noise.
  • You feel dizzy or off-balance.
  • You find yourself frequently asking others to repeat words or sentences.
  • You ask people to speak slowly or more clearly.
  • You feel pressure in one or both ears.
  • The volume of the T.V. or radio is good for you, but friends and family complain that it is too loud.
  • You hear ringing or buzzing in your ears.
  • You find yourself withdrawing from conversations because you cannot follow them.
  • You withdraw from social activities to avoid feeling "left out" because you cannot hear the conversations.
  • You fail to hear someone talking from behind you.
  • You have difficulty hearing conversations on the phone.
  • You have trouble hearing your alarm clock.
  • You have difficulty understanding the dialogue at the movies or theater.

Why should hearing loss be treated?

As we all get older hearing loss is going to be something that many of us will have to address, and getting the proper treatment is very important. Hearing loss may contribute to depression, loss of social interaction, and lower expectations of self. Even though proper treatment cannot bring your hearing back to what it was, it can make communication, relationships, daily activities, and even work easier and more satisfying. Call us today at (812) 303-4300 to schedule your appointment.

"I was in your office a few weeks ago and you tested my hearing for the VA and recommended that they provide hearing aids.  They did provide me with hearing aids which the VA audiological department set up for me.  I was hoping that they would let you do the set up but it didn't work out but I wanted to thank you for performing the tests and providing the recommendations.  The VA provided me with Moxi Kiss hearing aids which appear to be high end.  I really didn't know what I was missing.  These hearing aids help so much and around Thanksgiving when family was sitting around talking, I could hear and understand the conversations clearly.  Thank you so much for your help."
- David H., Boonville, IN