Hearing Healthcare Center, Inc.

So much more than a hearing aid shop, because you're so much more than a sale!

Very thorough, kind, friendly, professional, excellent education, wonderful. Thanks.

~ Dr. Phil Stiver, Evansville, IN 

"I was impressed from my first visit! Dr. Angela made me feel comfortable, confident, and cared for. Her willingness to share her knowledge and professional experience put me at ease during the difficult transition to the need to wear hearing aids. Her staff has always been friendly and most accommodating. The Hearing Healthcare Center has proven to be an affordable, knowledgeable, and trusted group of professionals who meets all my hearing needs. I couldn't be more satisfied and grateful for their service!"

~ Brenda Bland, Boonville, IN

"Dr. Angela did an amazing job with my 5 yr. old daughter. My daughter is shy and was very apprehensive at the start. Dr. Angela was able to get my daughter to open up, laugh, smile, and actively participate with the testing. Now we know she can hear well and no longer 2nd guess ourselves when she answers with, "Huh?". If you have even the slightest doubt about a loved one's hearing, you owe it to that person to take them to see Dr. Angela & Hearing Healthcare Center."

~ Adam L. Kahn, Newburgh, IN

"What a delight it was to work with Dr. Angela. Her knowledge and enthusiasm about the latest instrument technology was impressive. She conducted a quality diagnostic evaluation and actively involved in the evaluation. She listened to my feedback and made the necessary adjustments to make sure I achieved the best possible solution for my hearing problem. She communicated how the new technology could help and was responsive to my concerns and questions. She loves what she does and it shows. I look forward to working with Dr. Angela in the future and wish her the very best in her professional career."

~ Sue Myers, Evansville, IN

"Dr. Angela is awesome. She's down to earth and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!"

~ Dawn Lara, Newburgh IN

"Angela is very professional and her advice has been extremely helpful in meeting my audio needs."

~ Chuck Tidd, Henderson, KY

"Friends ask me why I do my hearing aid business in Indiana, and not Kansas, where I spend most of my time. The answer: Simple, Angela and Misty are the best. Thanks to you both."

~ Mark Hemmert, Oakley, KS

"I have had problems with my hearing for at least 16 years. I have had hearing aids two times from places that sell hearing aids. When I came to Dr. Angela I was so amazed that she helped me so much. The ringing in my head is gone when I have my hearing aids in. I can understand better in small groups as well as over all better. I would never recommend going and just buying. An Audiologist (Dr. Angela) is very involved and wants to please what you desire, the best hearing for all your needs."

~ Dixie Menke, Evansville, IN

"I have found Dr. Angela to be very knowledgeable and helpful in serving my hearing needs. She is down to earth and has never tried pressuring me into buying something I don't need that might be profitable to her. I have grown to trust her recommendations and I don't believe she would ever knowingly betray that trust."

~ Catherine Ashby, Evansville, IN

"If you feel that you have any concerns about your hearing, I can happily recommend Hearing Healthcare Center. Dr. Angela is thorough and understandable with examination and recommendations. She and staff will provide you all the information you need to make informed decisions on your true need to hear better."

~ Tim Hermes, Newburgh, IN

"I appreciate you taking the time to help with all aspects of my hearing and communication needs and certifying me for a free CaptionCall phone. Thank you for going above and beyond. I'm excited to be able to have conversations over the phone again! Thank you."

~ Barbara Grable, Princeton, IN

"Dr. Angela is wonderful. I have had tinnitus for quite a while and she determined after a hearing test that my hearing is fine and not in danger. Misty & Dr. Amgela take the care and time needed to ensure proper treatment of their patients. I highly recommend them to all of my friends and family!"

~ Andrew Beitler, Evansville, IN

"Thanks to Hearing Healthcare Center, I was able to have a problem solved that I had been trying to solve for quite some time. I had wax buildup that prevented hearing and was putting pressure on my ear drum. After having it removed, I could hear things I didn't even realize I had stopped hearing such as the pen marking this paper. I couldn't hear that before having the wax extracted! I am so very pleased with the service and care I received from Dr. Angela and have follow up appointments. Additionally, I have and will continue to recommend Hearing Healthcare Center to anyone needing their services."

~ Burgandy Slaughter, Evansville, IN

"Dr. Angela and her staff are very professional and thorough. The office atmosphere is friendly and inviting...made me feel quite comfortable. I felt like all my questions were answered in a straightforward way. It was especially helpful that she offered me more than one option in both style and price, making the decision much easier. I would not hesitate in recommending the services of Hearing Healthcare to any of my friends, family, or associates."

~ Doug Claybourn, Evansville, IN

"After seeing the positive results from my cataract surgery, I felt it was time to get my hearing checked. I knew I had some hearing loss, more so in one ear. After meeting with Dr. Angela and having my hearing tested, there clearly was hearing loss in my left ear. The thing that impressed me most was her recommendation to get my ear checked by an ear, nose, and throat doctor to see if the problem could be medical. Rather than immediately try to fit me with a hearing aid she looked to find a permanent fit if it was available. Dr. Angela & staff are great."

~ Mark Hackert, Evansville, IN